A Good Company

If you join a good company, you’ll get more than a salary. After all those works you did best, you’ll get fruitful experience, also a great’new family’.

For last 10 years, I work as an employee.The longest period at Media Indonesia, 2004-2011, after that ‘poem moment’ in my life.

I learned how to be a writer, while working as a journalist. With my mathematic background, I learned how to observe. I learned to do some fact analysis, do works for both sides of the story.

I learned how to deal with difficult condition, how to negotiate for incredible sources. I learned to persist and keep the faith until deadline comes. I learned how to ‘steal’ the chance, and grab any way to get an access. I learned how to invest in networks.

I learned that every moment matters. Every single person is a hub. Every word leads to other new fact. Then I learned to recognize simple miracles which actually happens in our daily life.

And most of all, I learned how to be happy without much money.

This job let me traveled to the moon New York City. And other countries as well. And so many places in Indonesia -the most beautiful country in the world (still!). Yes, it was for free.

Sometimes, that was not even for duties. Being a journalist gave me a privilege to jump in so many opportunities to see the world: fellowships, workshops, short term courses, even a conferences.

Surely, it’s like a dream comes true. Since I read the book series Serial si Roy Gola Gong, I always want to travel, see new places, meet various people, and visit bookshops and libraries from all over the world.

And it did. When traveling was not a narcissistic thing to celebrate yet.

After 7 years,then comes the time to learn something new. But first, I have to leave all that privileges. Surely, it wasn’t easy to say good bye. I even still remember those tears, while talking to my editor in chief. It was a mixed feeling. But I realized, it was a kind of normal thing when you leave a comfort zone.

No need to feel sorry when you decide to go away. Especially if you did your best for your job. Sometimes, it just a melancholic things attached.

At that time, I decided to join Wego Indonesia. I was the first one recruited in Indonesia. And we start in Wisma Metropolitan before move to a lovely permanent office in Menara Palma, Kuningan.

After 7 years, I challenges myself to jump in digital content area. I learned to create content that easily digest. With our little team, we experiment some approach to deliver the message. Some works, some failed, but never be useless.

I learned how to communicate in digital world- the place with so many distraction and judgement that influences how people think and absorb the message. It was a rush.

But more or less, I learn how to build a start up, with all that kind of digital campaign, or movement. Balancing with my business activity in Oriflame, a growing direct selling business in Indonesia.

I learn to build a system. I learn to use a lot of digital tools. I learn to create something. I see it works, or fail, but again, never be useless.

Now, after 3,5 years at Wego ID, then comes a time to spread the wings. To do what I’m good at and love the most. To focus with my own business and watch it grows, day by day.

So, a resignation letter seems perfect in the end of year. It’s my way to celebrate my 10th anniversary as a company worker. It’s like closing the book as employee and start a new page as a business owner.

After all these 10 years, I realized my professional skill has been developed in a good path and ready to improve. More than that, I built friendships. A great new family. And that’s priceless.

Feeling so blessed with this experience, I can say that sometimes money is not a reason to make us stay or leave. When we apply a job, a big salary surely tease us. But keep consider about how we can grow in that play ground.

A good company will let us do our best, grows our personal development and professional skill. And if that’s happen, we get a new family as a bonus.

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